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Jacques Bekaert

Tracks :

Michel Herr only appears on "Mon petit album".

1. A summer day at Stony Point
(1969) (Jacques Bekaert)
2. Mon petit album (1974) (Jacques Bekaert)

3 . A late lunch (1978) (Jacques Bekaert)

Musicians :

  • Track 1 with the participation of David Berhman and Shigeko Kubota.
    Charlotte Warren - voice
    Final mix : Studio de Musique Electronique APELAC, Brussels.

  • Track 2 for a film by Akiko Iimura.
    David Berhman - viola
    Takehisa Kosugi - violin
    Ryo Koike - double bass
    Michel Herr - electric piano
    Jacques Bekaert - recorder
    Final mix at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, California (USA)

  • Track 3 for a film by Akiko Iimura.
    Erv Denman - double bass
    Anne Klingensmith - cello
    George Lewis - trombone
    Frankie Man - electric bass
    Maggi Payne - flute
    David Rosenboom - violin, viola
    John Sackett - clarinet
    "Ble" Gene Tyranny - piano
    A new mix was made for this album by Pol Martial at the Informal Nightly Recordings Studios.

    Released in 1979 (?), LP (Igloo)

    A rare illustration of the work of Jacques Bekaert, partly made in the States, partly in Europe.
    "Mon petit album" integrates echoes from a concert given by the group Transition (which included Michel Herr) in London during the Ices contemporary music festival.