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Violons enchantés

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Tracks :

On this triple CD of easy listening music, Michel Herr arranged 2 tracks for a string orchestra and acted as a producer for several other tracks recorded by the Fapy Lafertin Quartet + Hadi Mouallem (which plays in the style of Django Reinhardt).

As an arranger and conductor of the Michel Herr Orchestra (string orchestra) + Hadi Mouallem :
CD 1, 7 : Mon coeur est un violon (Laparcerie, Richepin / arr. Michel Herr)
CD 1, 15 : Terry's theme (Deux petits chaussons), from the movie "Limelight" (Charlie Chaplin / arr. Michel Herr)

As a producer for the Fapy Lafertin Quartet + Hadi Mouallem (Django Reinhardt-style band) :
CD 2, 4. My Yiddishe momme (Doelle)
CD 2, 6. La mer (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 7. I can't give you anything but love. Jobim (McHugh / Fields)
CD 2, 9. Mister Paganini (Coslow)
CD 2, 11. Stranger in Paradise / L'étranger au paradis (Wright / Forrest)
CD 2,13. Douce France (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 15. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 17. Bei mir bist du schön (Secunda / Cahn / Chaplin /Jacobs)
CD 2, 18. Night and day (Cole Porter)
CD 2, 22. Keep young and beautiful (Warren / Dubin)
CD 2, 23. The sheik of Araby (Snyder / Smith / Wheeler)

Musicians :

in "Mon coeur est un violon" :
Hadi Mouallem - violin
Fapy Lafertin - guitar
? - rhythm guitar
? - double bass
+ string section arranged and conducted by Michel Herr

in "Terry's theme" :
Hadi Mouallem - violin
Michel Herr - piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums
+ string section arranged and conducted by Michel Herr

in all the other tracks :
Fapy Lafertin - guitar
Hadi Mouallem - violin
? - rhythm guitar
? - double bass
Michel Herr - producer

Released in 1995 in France. 3 CDs (Reader's Digest Music 3032)

Easy listening music, standards with a jazz touch.

Reader's Digest Music also disseminated some of those tracks over the years on several other compilations, such as "Down Memory Lane vol. 6" and "Alegria".