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On June 5, 2008, Michel Herr & Life Lines went into the studio to record "Tolerance", a new piece he recently wrote
in the framework of his participation to an album JazzOlympics
produced by Jean Kluger and commissioned by the Belgian olympic committee to illustrate the values associated with the games.
Michel Herr & Life Lines was a tentet for this occasion :
Bruno Castellucci (drums), Sam Gerstmans (double bass), Gino Lattuca (tp), Michel Herr (piano)
Marcus Bartelt (bari sax, D), Dan Lacksman (sound engineer), Phil Abraham (tb),
Alexandre Cavaliere (violin), Jacques Pirotton (gt),
Fabrice Alleman (tenor & sop sax), Peter Vandendriessche (alto sax). Front : Jean Kluger (producer).

Synsound Studio, Brussels (B), June 5, 2008.