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Another woman

Mona Murray

Michel Herr wrote string quartet arrangements for seven tracks of this album of Trinidad born soul singer Mona Murray :

Tracks :

1. All woman (Mona Murray)
2. I fall again
(Mona Murray)
4. Breakdown
(Mona Murray)
6. Baby who's the fool
(Mona Murray)
9. Not running away
(Mona Murray)
10. Can't stop, can't run, can't hide
(Mona Murray)
12. Your love is the love
(Mona Murray)

Musicians :

Daniel Romeo - electric bass, producer, arrangements, guitar
Michel Herr - string arrangements and conducting
Adriano Verderame - drums
David Donatien - percussion
Nicolas Fiszman - electric bass
Giovanni Rizzuto - guitar
Bert Gielen - keyboards / acoustic piano / organ
Steve Kashala, Chantal Kashala, Nina Babet - backing vocals
Nicolas Stevens, Laurence Ronveaux - violin
Eric Gerstmans - viola
Christelle Heinens - cello

Strings recorded Nov. 7, 2005 at Igloo studio, Brussels. Released in June 2008.
CD (Pearle & Lance publishing, distributed by Bang!).

You can listen to this album on the Deezer site.
Downloadable a.o. on the Tunes Store,

The press / La presse

" I always feel thrilled when I get my hands on a CD that is well produced and packaged. As far as I am concerned, these standards earns a disc ten marks.
Mona Murray's Another Woman CD lives up to its quality and presentation, sounds quite international and has earned the ten bonus points. The recording artiste of immense experience has a great voice, and her musical accompaniment is first class. I like the haunting melody of the violin in some of the music.
This 18-track production is polished like my grandma's furniture, and shines like a light on a dark night.
The interpretations of the songs are fantastic, and hear this, they are written by Mona, except I Fall Again which is a collaboration with Gerald Calhoun of Lance and Pearl Publishing.
What I like about this CD is that the music flows gently like stream.
It's hard to choose a favourite song, because they are all great."

(Mr Muzik, Trinidad Guardian).