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Ballades...ou presque

Jean-Pierre Gebler Quartet

Tracks :

1. Come rain or come shine (H. Arlen / J. Mercer)
2. Lament (J.J. Johnson)
3. What's new (B. Haggard / J. Burke)
4. The night has a thousand eyes (Welsman / Garret / Wayne)
5. Five women (Jean-Pierre Gebler)
6. I am getting sentimental over you (G. Bassman / N. Washington)
7. Tis autumn (H. Nemo)
8. S.K.J. Blues (Milt Jackson)
9. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)
10. Everything happens to me (M. Dennis / T. Adair)
11. A weaver of dreams (V. Young / J. Elliot)

Musicians :

Jean-Pierre Gebler - baritone saxophone
Michel Herr - piano
Jacques Pirotton - guitar
Philippe Aerts - double bass

Recorded at Caraïbes studio, mixed at Igloo studio, Brussels. Released in 1993.
CD (Igloo IGL 107)
The album can be purchased via the Igloo website.

See also a couple of photos of the band.