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Douces illusions

Ivan Paduart

Tracks :

1. Illusion sensorielle (Ivan Paduart)
2. Waterfalls (Ivan Paduart)
3. Les fruits de mes passions (Ivan Paduart / arr. Michel Herr)
4. Horlogeries (Ivan Paduart / arr. Michel Herr)
5. Giselle (Richard Galliano / arr. Ivan Paduart)
6. Après l'amour (Ivan Paduart)
7. 20.000 lieues sous les mers (Ivan Paduart)
8. Life as it is (Ivan Paduart)

Strings arranged and conducted by Ivan Paduart, except # 3 & 4, arranged and conducted by Michel Herr.

Musicians :

Ivan Paduart - piano
Richard Galliano - accordion
Philippe Aerts - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums
Gauthier Lisein - percussion
Michel Herr -conductor (on tracks 3 & 4 only)
+ Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles :
Madji Samandari, David Nunez, Fred Van Lieff, Véronique Lierneux - violin
Manuela Bucher, Dominica Eyckmans - viola
Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, Jean-Luc Brulin - cello

Recorded February-May 2004 at Igloo studio, Brussels. Released in September 2004.
CD (Igloo IGL 176)
The CD can be purchased via the Igloo website
Michel Herr participated in 2 tracks, as an arranger and conductor of the string section.