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Fay Live

Fay Claassen

"Fay Live" is a monumental 8 cds / 2 lp box of the Dutch vocalist Fay Claassen recorded in live contexts with various orchestras.
The box contains a.o. 3 arrangements written by Michel Herr which were originally released on Ivan Paduart's album "Crush", recorded with the Metropole Orchestra.

Tracks :

- Waterfalls (Ivan Paduart / lyrics David Linx / arr. Michel Herr)
- Another lifetime (Ivan Paduart / lyrics Catriona O'Daly / arr. M. Herr)
- Life as it is (Ivan Paduart / lyrics David Linx / arr. M. Herr)

Musicians :

Fay Claassen - vocals
Ivan Paduart - piano, compositions
Bob Malach - tenor sax

The Metropole Orchestra (55 musicians, including a full size jazz big band, a large string section, woodwinds, percussion and harp) conducted by Jim McNeely.

Recorded live at the Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium, on December 12, 2008.
Released on March 18, 2022 (reissue) on Challenge Records (Challenge CR 73537).
See the album page on the Challenge Records website.