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Francis Goya

Meesters van de sfeermuziek

Francis Goya with
the Michel Herr Trio

Tracks :

On this triple CD, Michel Herr appears on the following tracks :

CD 2 "A salute to France"

8 : La chanson des vieux amants (Jacques Brel)
9 : Le plat pays (Jacques Brel)
10 : Litanie pour un retour (Jacques Brel / Brel /François Rauber)
11. Rosa (Jacques Brel)
12. La valse à mille temps (Jacques Brel)
13. Quand on n'a que l'amour (Jacques Brel)
14. La fanette (Jacques Brel)
15. Vesoul (Jacques Brel)
16. Un enfant (Jacques Brel / Jouannest / Brel)
17. Voir un ami pleurer (Jacques Brel)
18. Au printemps (Jacques Brel)
19. Les vieux (Jacques Brel / Jouannest / Corti)
20. Ne me quitte pas / If you go away (Jacques Brel)

CD 3 "Magic moments"

8 : Bruxelles (Jacques Brel / Brel / Jouannest)
9 : Amsterdam (Jacques Brel)

Musicians :

Francis Goya - acoustic guitar
the Michel Herr Trio :
Michel Herr - piano, keyboards, arranger
Hein Van de Geyn - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums

Released in 1999. 3 CDs (Reader's Digest B98012 BB3)

Instrumental versions of songs by Jacques Brel. The acoustic guitar of Francis Goya gets the sensitive support of the trio and the arrangements by Michel Herr.

These tracks have been reissued by Reader's Digest on several compilations :
- "Quand on a que l'amour" (Francis Goya)
- "Martinis at midnight" (1 track with Francis Goya)
- "Les plus belles chansons françaises" (same tracks, but different soloist on top : 2 tracks with Pietro Lacirignola, sax)
- "I wish You love : Pietro Lacirignola, his sax and orchestra" (2 tracks with Pietro Lacirignola, sax, replacing the guitar)

Most of these albums are available as downloads on the iTunes Store
- Later, Reader's Digest, the producer of the recordings, reissued some of these tracks, but instead of the guitar of Francis Goya, added singers (Jo Lemaire, Gilles Olivier...)