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Good buddies

Michel Herr
Bill Frisell
Vinton Johnson
Kermit Driscoll

Tracks :

1. Acapulco bells (M. Herr) (on Youtube)
2a. Frog legs vampin' in the moonlight
2b. I think I know what you mean (K. Driscoll)
3. Sans blues thank you (B. Frisell)
4. What do you mean, what do you mean ? (B. Frisell)
5. Good buddies (B. Frisell)

Musicians :

Michel Herr - piano, various keyboards
Bill Frisell - guitar
Kermit Driscoll - electric bass
Vinton Johnson - drums, percussion

Recorded at studio Shiva, Brussels. Released in 1979, LP (EMI 1 064 63568).

See also a couple of photos of the band.

for Acapulco bells (M. Herr, lead sheet, pdf).