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Steve Houben invite...

Peter Vandendriessche
Kurt Van Herck / Jan Menu
Michel Herr / Philippe Aerts
Bruno Castellucci

94 Année Sax

Tracks :

1. Crazy Rhythm (J. Meyer / R.W. Kahn)
2. Mack the knife (Kurt Weil)
3. Old folks (Hill / Robinson)
4. Innocence (Kurt Van Herck / Kris Goessens)
5. Morning (Clare Fisher)
6. Inlet (Kurt Van Herck / Kris Goessens)
7. Let's get it out (M. Herr)
8. I've got the world on a string (Harold Arlen)
9. Anthropology (Charlie Parker)
10. We'll be together again (Carl Fisher)
11. Line for Lyons (Gerry Mulligan)
12. Dribble (Kurt Van Herck / Kris Goessens)
13. Miniatuur (Jan Menu)

Musicians :

Steve Houben - alto & soprano saxophone
Peter Vandendriessche - alto saxophone
Kurt Van Herck - tenor saxophone
Jan Menu - baritone saxophone
Michel Herr - piano
Philippe Aerts - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums

Released in 1994. CD (Arpèges CDG 914)

This album was produced by the "Jeune Chambre Economique de Dinant". (Contact ++32 (0)82 22-52-34) on the occasion of the Adolphe Sax year in 1994.
The 4 instruments of the saxophone family are presented here in a jazz context, each of them featured with the rhythm section, and all reunited in "Lets's get it out", a piece especially written by Michel Herr.