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Steve Houben + strings

featuring Guy Cabay
Michel Herr / Dennis Luxion

Tracks :

1. The lady in red shoes (Dennis Luxion)
2. Thinking of you (M. Herr)
3. Ephémérides (Guy Cabay)
4. Unsung song (Dennis Luxion)
5. Pastel puzzle for Toots : Ouverture, Choral, Little Blues, Désinence (Guy Cabay)
6. Long distance (M. Herr) (theme from the tv film San Francisco)

Musicians :

Steve Houben - alto & soprano saxophone, flute
Michel Herr - piano, composer/arranger of tracks 2 & 6
Guy Cabay - vibraphone, composer/arranger of tracks 3 & 5
Dennis Luxion -piano, composer/arranger of tracks 1 & 4
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
Mimi Verderame - drums
+ string section, conducted by the composers

Recorded in 1982 at Gam studio in Waismes, Belgium. LP (LDH 1004).

A CD version, remixed, was released in 1995 (Igloo IGL 121).

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for the Michel Herr compositions (lead sheets, pdf).