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My impression

Gino Lattuca Quartet

Tracks :

1. Ups and downs (Michel Herr)
2. Concoa para voce (Gino Lattuca)
3. My impression (Gino Lattuca)
4. The peacocks (Jimmy Rowles)
5. Family Blues (Mimi Verderame)
6. Last pleasure (Mimi Verderame)
7. In the street (Gino Lattuca)
8. Song from your father (Michel Herr)
9. You don't know what love is (Gene De Paul / Don Raye)

Musicians :

Gino Lattuca - trumpet, fluegelhorn
Michel Herr - electric piano
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
Mimi Verderame - drums

Recorded at Mimi Verderame's home studio. Released in 1992. CD (B Sharp CDS 085).

for Ups and downs & Song from your father (Michel Herr / lead sheet, pdf).