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O brilho do sol

Marito Correa / Steve Houben
Michel Herr / Stephan Pougin

Tracks :

1. Balada das artes (M. Correa, Nelson Angelo)
2. E' o boi (M. Correa, Nelson Wellington)
3. A cigarra e o vagalume (M. Correa)
4. Jobim (M. Correa)
5. O amor fugiu pela janela (M. Correa)
6. O Brilho do sol (M. Correa, Nelson Wellington)
7. Meio caminho (M. Correa)
8. Enfance (S. Houben)
9. Pont Marie (M. Correa)
10. Junky Brasileiro (M. Correa)
11. Aguas calmas (M. Correa, Mozar Terra, Nelson Wellington)
12. Amigos (M. Correa)

Musicians :

Marito Correa - guitar, vocals
Steve Houben - alto & soprano saxophone, flutes
Michel Herr - piano, synthesizer
Stephan Pougin - drums, percussion

Guest : Marcia Maria - vocals

Released in 1996, CD (Big Bang 60203)

Brazilian songwriter Marito CORREA meets top Belgian jazz musicians in a very sensitive, lyrical and emotional album that features generous solo work by Steve Houben on saxes and flute and Michel Herr on piano.
The album may be hard to find, since the label has disappeared...

4 tracks have been reissued in Brazil in 2000 on the Marito Correa compilation cd Verena Os Sinos e os Meninos.

See also a photo of Marito Correa with Steve Houben and Michel Herr.