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Odette Toulemonde

Music by Nicola Piovani
and songs by Joséphine Baker
for the movie by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (2007)

Tracks :

12. Chiquita Madame (João De Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)

Besides the original music written by Nicola Piovani, Michel Herr was asked to work on the additional music used in the movie, re-orchestrations of songs by Joséphine Baker.

On the CD, only one track illustrates that work as an arranger/orchestrator : Chiquita Madame.
Michel Herr re-recorded in the studio a meticulous reconstruction of the original arrangement, which was then dubbed over the original recording of Joséphine Baker.

Musicians :

Pierre Bernard - flutes, piccolos
Gino Lattuca - trumpet
Peter Vandendriessche - soprano, alto, tenor saxophones, clarinet
Michel Herr - piano
Bart De Nolf - double bass
Chris Joris- percussion

The original soundtrack of the movie Odette Toulemonde (2007), by writer and film director Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
Recorded in August 2006 at Caraïbes studio, Brussels. Released in 2007. CD (Milan Records/Universal 399 101-2).