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Oh boy...

Steve Houben Mauve Traffic

Tracks :

1. Monsieur love (Steve Houben)
2. Carol (Bill Frisell)
3. Doggone it (Kermit Driscoll)
4. Francesca (Bill Frisell)
5. Extrait du second impromptu pour une raison d'être (Steve Houben)

6 . De luxe (Steve Houben)
7. Sparks (Magdalena Thora)
8. Oh boy (Bill Frisell)
9. Growing carrots (Bill Frisell)

Musicians :

Steve Houben - alto saxophone, flute
Greg Badolato - tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Michel Herr - keyboards
Bill Frisell - guitar
Kermit Driscoll - electric bass
Vinnie Johnson - drums, percussion

Recorded in 1979 at Michel Dickenscheid's studio, Ougrée (B). Released in 1979, LP (MD 035).

This album features the second band of musicians brought from the US to Belgium by Steve Houben after his studies at Berklee in Boston. These musicians lived in Belgium for a while. The band was completed with the addition of Michel Herr on keyboards. In this electric band, with fusion and funk influences, the contribution of Bill Frisell is already unmistakable.

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