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Ouverture éclair

Michel Herr trio

Tracks :

1. Ouverture éclair (M. Herr)
2. The sound of gold (M. Herr)
3. Just before (M. Herr)
4. F.T.A. (M. Herr)
5. Peacefully (M. Herr)
6. End to end (M. Herr)
+ 2 additional tracks on the CD only :
7. F.T.A. (live) (M. Herr)
8. End to end (live) (M. Herr)

Musicians :

Michel Herr - piano
Freddie Deronde - double bass
Félix Simtaine - drums

1977, LP (MD 014/Oryx 001, reissued in Japan on LP & CD Oryx 001 in '98)

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