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Michel Herr / Wolfgang Engstfeld

Tracks :

1. Long Nights (W. Engstfeld)
2. Continuous flow (M. Herr)
3. Make it count (M. Herr)
4. Up there (M. Herr)
5. Beggar song (M. Herr)
6. Don't kick me off (W. Engstfeld)
7. Stratus (M. Herr)

Musicians :

Wolfgang Engstfeld - tenor & soprano saxophone
Michel Herr - piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano
Wim Essed - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums, percussion

Recorded on January 28, 29, 1978 at Morgan studio, Brussels. Released in 1978. LP (B Sharp LP 1003).

This album was reissued on the cd Michel Herr : Perspective / Solis Lacus, coupled with the Solis Lacus album.

See also a couple of photos of the quartet that recorded the Perspective album.

for Make it count & Up there (Michel Herr / lead sheets, pdf).