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Jean-Pierre Catoul
Peter Hertmans

Tracks :

1. Icy saints (P. Hertmans)
2. Restless (P. Hertmans)
3. Ostinato (J.-P. Catoul)
4. Going there (P. Hertmans)
5. New impressions (J.-P. Catoul)
6. Precious time (J.-P. Catoul)
7. After the pain (P. Hertmans)
8. Prussian winter (J.-P. Catoul)

Musicians :

Jean-Pierre Catoul - violin
Peter Hertmans - guitar, guitar synthesizer
Michel Herr - piano, keyboards
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums

Recorded in July/August 1999at Jet studio, Brussels. Released in November 1999. CD (Quetzal QZ 109).

Audio excerpts and album available via the Quetzal website.

The last album of violin player Jean-Pierre Catoul, before his tragic death in a car accident.

Also available for download from the iTunes Store.

See also some photos of the band in the recording studio and in concert.