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Short stories

Engstfeld / Herr Quartet


1. Short story (M. Herr)
2. Ballad (W. Engstfeld)
3. But now (W. Engstfeld)
4. New Horizons (M. Herr)
5. Thinking of you (M. Herr)
6. Song from your father (M. Herr)
7. Song for Micheline (M. Herr)

Musicians :

Wolfgang Engstfeld - tenor & soprano saxophone
Michel Herr - piano, keyboards
Isla Eckinger - double bass (1, 2, 4, 7)
Detlev Beier - double bass (3, 5, 6)
Leroy Lowe - drums

Recorded Feb.14, Dec. 12, 1982 at Cornet studio, Cologne (D). Released in 1983, LP (Nabel NBL 8309)

Still available (LP only) via the Nabel Records website.

In the photo galleries, take a look at some photos taken during the recording session and which appear on the back cover.

for the Michel Herr compositions (lead sheets, pdf).