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Spontaneous effort

Freddie Deronde

special guest : J.R. Monterose

Tracks :

1. Alone again (J.R. Monterose)
2. Fitch's field (Freddie Deronde / Michel Herr)
3. A little pleasure (J.R. Monterose)
4. Ready for Freddie (J.R. Monterose)
5. Feux follets (Freddie Deronde)
6. Phyllis, queen of hearts (J.R. Monterose)
7. What's new (Bob Haggard)
8. Tune for Angie (Freddie Deronde)
9. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)
10. Concerto of Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo)

Musicians :

Freddie Deronde - double bass
J.R. Monterose - tenor saxophone
Michel Herr - piano
Philip Catherine - guitar
Jan de Haas - drums

Recorded at Igloo/Daylight studio, Brussels. Released in 1989. CD (Igloo IGL 081).
Available via the Igloo website.

See also a photo of the recording session, with J.R. Monterose.