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Stéphane Houben


A 1. Veracruz (Milton Nascimento)
A 2. I haven't (S. Houben)
A 3. Leocadia (S. Houben)

B 1. Cha-cha for a Jiyu (John Thomas)
B 2. Black Narcissus (Joe Henderson/arr. M. Herr)
B 3. Roots and fruits (M. Herr)

Musicians :

Stéphane Houben - alto saxophone, flute, percussion
Greg Badolato - tenor saxophone (on A 2 & B 2)
John Thomas - guitar, percussion, vocals (on B 1)
Michel Herr - Fender Rhodes electric piano
Janot Buchem - double bass, electric bass, percussion
Eddie Davidson - drums
+ guests :
Chet Baker -
trumpet (on A 2)
Frank Grasso - trumpet (on B 2)

Recorded at Michel Dickenscheid's studio in Ougrée (B).
Released in 1978. LP (MD 012).

The first album of Steve Houben, with a guest appearance of Chet Baker on "I haven't".
When Steve Houben came back from Boston, where he studied at Berklee, he brought to Europe some musicians whom he had met over there : Greg Badolato, John Thomas and Eddie Davidson. They appear on this album, joined by pianist Michel Herr. The band stayed in Europe for a while and played a number of concerts.
P.S. : "I haven't" is a composition by Houben on the changes of "Have you met miss Jones ?" (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart).

for Roots and fruits (Michel Herr / lead sheet, pdf).