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Philip Catherine

Tracks :

1. Transparence (Philip Catherine)
2. Dance for Victor (Philip Catherine)
3. Ne um tal vez (Hermeto Pascoal)
4. L'éternel désir (Philip Catherine)
5. Father Christmas (Philip Catherine)
6. René Thomas (Philip Catherine)
7. Galerie Saint-Hubert (Philip Catherine)
8. Ozone (Philip Catherine)
9. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)
10. April blue (Philip Catherine)

Musicians :

Philip Catherine - guitar
Hein Van de Geyn - double bass
Aldo Romano - drums
Diederik Wissels - piano
Michel Herr - keyboards

Recorded on November 24 & 25, 1986 at Carlen Tonstudio, Freiburg (D). Released in 1987.
CD (originally Inak 8701 CD, then Timeless CD)

This album was recorded in the first days of digital recording, on 2 digital tracks !

It received the Belgian jazz critics award, the "Sax" Prize (best album) in 1988.