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Tracks :

On this triple CD of easy listening music, Michel Herr arranged 2 tracks for a string orchestra and acted as a producer for several other tracks recorded by the Fapy Lafertin Quartet + Hadi Mouallem (which plays in the style of Django Reinhardt).

As an arranger and conductor of the Michel Herr Orchestra (string orchestra) + Hadi Mouallem :
CD 1, 7 : Mon coeur est un violon (Laparcerie, Richepin / arr. Michel Herr)
CD 1, 15 : Terry's theme (Deux petits chaussons), from the movie "Limelight" (Charlie Chaplin / arr. Michel Herr)

As a producer for the Fapy Lafertin Quartet + Hadi Mouallem (Django Reinhardt-style band) :
CD 2, 4. My Yiddishe momme (Doelle)
CD 2, 6. La mer (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 7. I can't give you anything but love. Jobim (McHugh / Fields)
CD 2, 9. Mister Paganini (Coslow)
CD 2, 11. Stranger in Paradise / L'étranger au paradis (Wright / Forrest)
CD 2,13. Douce France (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 15. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? (Charles Trenet)
CD 2, 17. Bei mir bist du schön (Secunda / Cahn / Chaplin /Jacobs)
CD 2, 18. Night and day (Cole Porter)
CD 2, 22. Keep young and beautiful (Warren / Dubin)
CD 2, 23. The sheik of Araby (Snyder / Smith / Wheeler)

Musicians :

in "Mon coeur est un violon" :
Hadi Mouallem - violin
Fapy Lafertin - guitar
? - rhythm guitar
? - double bass
+ string section arranged and conducted by Michel Herr

in "Terry's theme" :
Hadi Mouallem - violin
Michel Herr - piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - double bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums
+ string section arranged and conducted by Michel Herr

in all the other tracks :
Fapy Lafertin - guitar
Hadi Mouallem - violin
? - rhythm guitar
? - double bass
Michel Herr - artistic producer

Released in 1995 in France. 3 CDs (Reader's Digest Music 3032)

Easy listening music, standards with a jazz touch.

Reader's Digest Music also disseminated some of those tracks over the years on several other compilations, such as "Down Memory Lane vol. 6", "Alegria" ad "Romantic Relaxation Mood".

In 2007, most of the quartet tracks were reissued under the title "Fapy Lafertin, Gypsy Jazz Guitar Master".