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1980 marked the 1000 years of the city of Liège. On this occasion, Saxo 1000,
an ensemble with 5 saxes and a rhythm section, was formed to pay a tribute to two of the city's most famous jazzmen :
the late guitarist René Thomas and saxophonist Bobby Jaspar.
The band gave several concerts and recorded the LP Remembering Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas.
Michel Herr (piano, arranger), Robert Jeanne (tenor sax), John Ruocco (tenor sax), Jacques Pelzer (alto sax),
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (double bass), Steve Houben (flute, alto sax, arranger),
Félix Simtaine (drums) and Henri Solbach (baritone sax, clarinet).

Liège, Belgium, 1980.