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Around 1981, some personel changes : Act Big Band expands : 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 4 saxes and a larger rhythm section.
Trumpets : Nick Fissette, Bert Joris ?, Richard Rousselet ; trombones : André Knaepen, Paul Bourdiaudhy & Jean-Pol Danhier
Saxes : Steve Houben (alto sax, flute), John Ruocco (tenor sax), Robert Jeanne (tenor sax) and Johan Vandendriessche (baritone sax)
Michel Herr (piano) Guy Cabay (vibraphone), Paolo Radoni (guitar), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (double bass)
and Félix Simtaine (drums, leader).
The LP Act Big Band was recorded around that time.
Maybe in concert in Paris, Centre Wallonie/Bruxelles, 1981 or 1982.