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In 1980, saxophonist Wolfgang Engstfeld (D) and pianist Michel Herr (B), who had met in Germany while playing in the band "Jazztrack",
decided to form an international quartet to play their own compositions.
This was the beginning of a long musical adventure, which started with the Norwegian Palle Danielsson (double bass)
and the American drummer living in Sweden Leroy Lowe (drums).
The band played numerous concerts in Germany, Belgium, France, etc...
Different well known European bass players got involved in the band : Palle Danielsson (S), Isla Eckinger (CH), Detlev Beier (D),
Riccardo Del Fra (I), Hein Van De Geyn (NL).
In the present line-up, they recorded the LP Continuous flow in Germany.
Probably 1980.