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In the summer 2015, bandoneon player Manu Comté (B) recorded an album with B' Strings, a string quintet.
With special guest Tomás Gubitsch (who was Astor Piazzola's last guitarist), they recorded Michel Herr's arrangement
on Manu Comté's composition "Homilia", a beautiful example of new tango music.
The piece the title track of the album Manu Comté : Homilia.

Tomás Gubitsch (gt), Jean-Frédéric Molard (vl), Red Gjeci (vl), Manu Comté (bandoneon)
Pascal Schmidt (viola), Hans Vandaele (cello) and Philippe Cormann (double bass).

Auditorium of the Queen Elisabeth Chapelle Musicale, Belgium, August 2015. Photo : Frédéric Grün.