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The "Colors of time" project.
Beginning of May 2012, Michel Herr was in Switzerland to supervize the rehearsals of 13 arrangements he wrote
on compositions by the Swiss pianist/composer Thierry Lang, featuring 5 European jazzmen :
David Linx on vocals (author of the lyrics), Thierry Lang on piano, Matthieu Michel on trumpet, Heiri Känzig on bass
and André Ceccarelli (F) on drums + the "Accroche-Choeur", a large choir (53 !) from Fribourg (CH)
and the strings of the "Ensemble de Chambre Fribourgeois", conducted by Jean-Claude Fasel.
The premiere of this unique project, which saw more than 70 musicians and singers share the stage,
took place on May 11 and 12, 2012 in Fribourg (CH). It was a breathtaking performance which received an enthusiastic response.
"Colors of time" is available on the cd Colors of time.

Thierry Lang (piano, composer), Jean-Claude Fasel (conductor) and Michel Herr (arranger)

Fribourg (CH), May 9, 2012. Photo : Alain Wicht, La Liberté