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"Colors of time" in concert, based upon 13 arrangements Michel Herr wrote on compositions by the Swiss pianist/composer Thierry Lang,
featuring 5 European jazzmen : Thierry Lang (piano, composer, CH), David Linx (vocals, lyrics, B), Heiri Känzig (bass, CH),
Matthieu Michel (trumpet, CH) and André Ceccarelli (drums, F)
+ the "Accroche-Choeur", a large choir (53 !) from Fribourg (CH) and the strings of the "Ensemble de Chambre Fribourgeois",
conducted by Jean-Claude Fasel.
"Colors of time" is available on the cd Colors of time.

Théâtre Equilibre, Fribourg (CH), May 11 or 12, 2012. Photo : Robert Naescher.