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Ivan Paduart + Metropole Orchestra

Ivan Paduart : piano, compositions (B)
Fay Claassen : vocals (NL)
Bob Malach : tenor saxophone (USA)
+ Metropole Orchestra (NL), 55 musicians conducted by
Jim McNeely (USA)

Michel signed 6 arrangements for this project, which was created at a memorable concert in Brussels, in December 2008.
The recordings made on this magical evening are now available on a double cd, titled Crush.

See Bernard Rosenberg's photos of the concert on his blog.


Below, on Youtube, "Waterfalls" (Ivan Paduart/David Linx/arr. Michel Herr)

"Another Lifetime" (Ivan Paduart/Catriona O'Daly/arr. Michel Herr)

"Life as it is" (Ivan Paduart/David Linx/arr. Michel Herr)