Just friends

A movie by Marc-Henri Wajnberg (Belgium, 96 minutes, 35mm, 1993, fiction)

Screenwriters : Pierre Sterckx, Alexandre Wajnberg, Marc-Henri Wajnberg, Thierry Smolderen.

Cast : Josse De Pauw, Charles Berling, Ann-Gisel Glass, Sylvie Milhaud, etc...

Music : Michel Herr

A jazzy soundtrack featuring a.o. US saxophonist Archie Shepp, European musicians such as John Engels (drs), Silvia Droste (voc.), Riccardo Del Fra (b), Michel Herr (p), a big band with some excellent Belgian jazz musicians, etc... (for more details, see the CD of the original soundtrack on AMC).

This movie collected no less than 12 Awards !

The Belgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards - USA - 1994
Best first movie
Festival of Montevideo – Uruguay – 1994
Grand Prix
Festival of Val d'Aoste – Italy – 1994
Femina Award
City of Brussels – Belgium – 1994
Joseph Plateau Award
Best Belgian Film – Belgium – 1994
Joseph Plateau Award
Best Actor (Josse De Pauw) – Belgium – 1994
Joseph Plateau Award
Best Director – Belgium – 1994
Gran Premio
Incontri International del Cinema di Sorrento – Italy – 1994
UCC Award
Belgium's critics award for best film – Belgium – 1993
Cavens Award
Belgium – 1993
Youth award
Best Belgian Film – Belgium – 1993
Philip Morris Movie Club Award
Best screenplay – Belgium – 1993
Best actor (Josse De Pauw)
Festival de la Baule – France – 1993
Best movie
Festival de la Baule – France – 1993

The CD of the soundtrack was elected album of the month by the Belgian magazine "Jazz in Time" (Dec. '93)

A DVD can be purchased via Wajnbrosse Productions.

More on this movie on the Web site of the producer and on the IMDB website.


Song for Lucy (Final theme)
Bass boom
Jeff's funeral
An acclaimed soundtrack composed by Michel Herr for this award-winning Belgian movie (which received no less than 12 awards in Belgium and abroad and in 1994, it was the Belgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in the US).
It tells the story, during the fifties, of Jack, a talented Belgian tenor sax player who dreams of a career in the US. Although the main character was inspired by the figure of the late Antwerp saxophonist Jack Sels, the story is pure fiction.
"Just Friends" is a movie filled with jazz sounds, an emotional trip through the feelings of friendship and love as well as through the hard sides of the music scene and the difficulties of being an artist, an innovator in Belgium.
If you pay attention, you may even spot Belgian jazz musicians who play a little part in the movie, such as Philippe Aerts, Edmond Harnie, Jeanfrançois Prins, Bart Defoort, Bo Van der Werf, Michel Massot, etc... as well as brief appearances of a big band which includes many top Belgian musicians. There is also a very funny scene featuring 20 bassists playing together on the Antwerp Market Place...
The musical counterpart of actor Josse De Pauw for the soundtrack is US tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp, who greatly contributes to the emotional quality of the movie.
Michel Herr also called upon top European and Belgian jazz players to give this soundtrack an authentic jazz flavour, with musical compositions ranging from the solo to the big band.
PS : In the fall 2004, the movie has enjoyed a second career in the movie theaters of China. A new poster and the reissue of the CD with a new cover, and a DVD will be items for collectors to search after...!