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Café liégeois do Brasil

Guy Cabay

Tracks :

1. Paroles d'Amoûr (Guy Cabay)
2. Lès Camatches a l'ahèsse (Guy Cabay)
3. Café liégeois do Brasil (Guy Cabay)
4. Ubu Cinsî (Guy Cabay)
5. Hoûtez s'i Ploût (Guy Cabay)
6. Li Touma da Toumas (Guy Cabay)
7. Djus-d'la (Guy Cabay)
8. Coukî so on Lét (Guy Cabay)
9. Ich' mon Dju, Lambièt (Guy Cabay)
10. Tos lès Coucous (Guy Cabay)

Musicians :

Guy Cabay - vocals, piano, vibraphone
Michel Herr - piano, keyboards
Karel Boehlee - piano, keyboards
Peter Tiehuis - guitar
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums
Bart Fermie - percussion
Larry Schneider - tenor & soprano saxophone
Ack Van Rooyen - trumpet, flugelhorn
Toots Thielemans - harmonica, accordion
Deborah Brown, B.J. Scott, Bart Fermie -backing vocals

Recorded in April 1986 at Jet studio, Brussels.
These tracks were originally released on the LP Balzin' rèyes (AA Music AALP 3600) in 1986.

They are now available as an exclusive download on the iTunes Store.

Guy Cabay writes his "Brazilian-souding" songs in Walloon, and surrounds himself with first rate jazz musicians.