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Solid steps

Joe Lovano

Tracks :

1. Solid steps (Joe Lovano)
2. Who knows (Bert Joris)
3. H and C's dance (Michel Herr)
4. Straight shot (Hein Van de Geyn)
5. Lofritian mode (Joe Lovano)
6. A picture of her (Erwin Vann)
7. Gustavia (Joe Lovano)
+ additional tracks on cd only :
8. Benjamin (Hein Van de Geyn)
9. Pretext (Michel Herr)
10. Soulrole (Hein Van de Geyn)

Musicians :

Joe Lovano - tenor & soprano saxophone
Bert Joris - trumpet
Michel Herr - piano
Hein Van de Geyn - double bass
Dré Pallemaerts - drums

Recorded in 1986 at Studio 44, Monster (NL) by Max Bolleman and released in 1986. LP & CD (Jazz Club JC 6011)
This album was reissued on the September label
(CD September 05124) in 2003 with a different cover.

This is the first studio album of Joe Lovano as a leader.
Here is what he says about it :

"...We just had to play, and it happened ! We did some very spontaneous things on some of the music, that's why it has a fresh sound. We got some very magical takes !
The whole session went quite smooth. This was my first studio record as a leader, and this band is a fantastic group to play with. We really have a great rapport with each other : we are all the same generation, no matter how far apart we might live. Music is truly a universal language. We've all learned from and listened to the same people. That's another reason why the session went so smooth. It's really a great quintet !

Joe Lovano

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On Youtube, H and C's dance (with a diaporama) :

for H and C's dance & Pretext (Michel Herr / lead sheets, pdf).