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Solid steps

Joe Lovano

Tracks :

1. Solid steps (Joe Lovano)
2. Who knows (Bert Joris)
3. H and C's dance (Michel Herr)
4. Straight shot (Hein Van de Geyn)
5. Lofritian mode (Joe Lovano)
6. A picture of her (Erwin Vann)
7. Gustavia (Joe Lovano)
8. Benjamin (Hein Van de Geyn)
9. Pretext (Michel Herr)
10. Soulrole (Hein Van de Geyn)

Musicians :

Joe Lovano - tenor & soprano saxophone
Bert Joris - trumpet
Michel Herr - piano
Hein Van de Geyn - double bass
Dré Pallemaerts - drums

Recorded in 1986 at Studio 44, Monster (NL) by Max Bolleman. Reissue released in 2003. CD (September 05124).
This album is the reissue (on CD only) of the Jazz Club LP/CD (JC 6011)), with a different cover.

These tracks are available as a download on the iTunes Store.

This is the first studio album of Joe Lovano as a leader.
Here is what he says about it :

"...We just had to play, and it happened ! We did some very spontaneous things on some of the music, that's why it has a fresh sound. We got some very magical takes !
The whole session went quite smooth. This was my first studio record as a leader, and this band is a fantastic group to play with. We really have a great rapport with each other : we are all the same generation, no matter how far apart we might live. Music is truly a universal language. We've all learned from and listened to the same people. That's another reason why the session went so smooth. It's really a great quintet !

Joe Lovano

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On Youtube, H and C's dance (with a diaporama) :

for H and C's dance & Pretext (Michel Herr / lead sheets, pdf).