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In 2016, saxophonist Fabrice Alleman (B) put together an ambitious project combining jazz musicians, world music ingredients
and classical players from a chamber orchestra. The recording sessions took place in 2016 and 2017.
With Fabrice Alleman (sop. sax), Minino Garay (percussion, Argentina), Fred Favarel and Philip Catherine (guitar), Vincent Bruyninckx (piano),
Sam Gerstmans (double bass), Frédéric Jacquemin (drs), the Orchestre de Chambre de Liège (strings), the wind ensemble Quartz.
With one exception, Michel Herr wrote all the arrangements. The compositions are by Fabrice Alleman, Michel Herr and Lalo Zanelli.
The album is titled Udiverse (Cyprès Records).
Here, Fabrice Alleman (sax) and Michel Herr (arranger, musical supervision).

Dada studio, Brussels, Summer 2016. Photo : A.R., Jarek Frankowski.