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Fabrice Alleman
+ Chamber Orchestra

Tracks :

1. Unity in diversity (Fabrice Alleman / arr. Michel Herr)
2. Between you and me (Fabrice Alleman / arr. Michel Herr)
3. Tema de Malea (comp./arr. Lalo Zanelli)
4. Beauty where it is (comp./arr. Michel Herr)
5. Summertime (George Gershwin/DuBose/Heyward / arr. Fabrice Alleman & Michel Herr)
6. What's love (Fabrice Alleman/arr. Michel Herr)
7. Bridges (comp./arr. Michel Herr)
8. Dawn & twilight (comp./arr. Michel Herr)
9. J--J (Fabrice Alleman/arr. Michel Herr)

Musicians :

Fabrice Alleman - soprano saxophone
Fred Favarel - guitars (France)
Minino Garay - percussion (Argentina)
Vincent Bruyninckx - piano
Sam Gerstmans - double bass
Frédéric Jacquemin - drums
+ guest :
Philip Catherine - guitar (in "What's love")
Orchestre de Chambre de Liège - strings
Ensemble Quartz - winds (2 flutes, oboe/English horn, bass clarinet, 2 French Horns)
Ingrid Procureur - harp

Recorded at Dada studio, Brussels, Belgium, in 2016, 2017. Additional recordings at Acoustic Recordings Studio by Jarek Frankowski.
Released in September 2017.
CD (Cyprès Records).

See also some
photos of the recording sessions.

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The press / La presse